Friday, March 7, 2014

A semi-home-made gift idea

My roommate's birthday is tomorrow, and what I got her may seem a bit unconventional. She loves magazines, and I love that she loves magazines, because it means I don't have to purchase any for myself. I can just read hers... As her special day crept closer, I finally decided on this rather unusual, yet cost-effective gift for her. I bought her a year-long subscription to Marie Claire magazine.

But instead of printing out the super lame and boring receipt that ended up in my inbox, I decided to create a custom card featuring my gift to her. Here's the result. (Now, granted, I have not doodled in a LONG time, so I was a bit rusty, but I'm happy with how it turned out). Hopefully she likes it, too! :)

After creating this, I realized that this would be a super cool way of giving someone a massage, a spa day, or even an iTunes gift card. Perfect for well thought-out, or even last-minute, stay-up-really-late-the-night-before, gifts. 

All you need is a blank piece of card stock, a marker and or colored pencil, some left-over ribbon and a healthy dose of creativity!